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Explore. Create. Walk kindly on this Earth.

Experimenting, traveling, creating yarn from local fibers, Topo Fiberworks concentrates more on figuratively feeding a community with what is in our very own backyard. Every coordinate, every elevation has a fiber landscape that speaks about life there.

It’s Topo Fiberworks’ passion to bring you the best from our neighborhood, and eventually from others, to show off the full spectrum of fiber, textiles and natural dyes we have available right here in front of us. Topo Fiberworks offers the bounty from our Colorado home in the form of local yarn, fiber for your projects and artisan made products. We hope you enjoy where we are taking our fiber journey and join us on our explorations!

Topo Fiberworks offers recycled and revived fashion and textiles, up-cycled and cottage farm yarn and roving, as well as several other items to allow us all to walk a little kinder on this Earth.
Thank you!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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