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Re-Thinking It All

As most of you know, I started working full time the beginning of this year. I haven't had as much time to do what Fiber Traveler was meant to do, so I am re-thinking what it's focus should be now. It is all an evolution, and trial and error.

I am in the process of paying out the farms and returning their merchandise back to them.

I am slowly working on bringing local yarns that are processed locally from local fiber into Blazing Star Ranch, where I work. It is a slow process, and my life has some extra turmoil at the moment, so the process will indeed be slow! However, that's the plan. Karen does have a herd of alpaca from which we get absolutely lovely yarns and fiber that are local.

So check out her site to see what's new while I re-discover what Fiber Traveler means to me now. Thanks for sticking around!


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