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And we're off!!!

Re-envisioning is something I do every year. Each year how I want to participate in my world and community becomes a bit more finely tuned. I know that I adore my fiber community, and that sheep make my heart happy. Fiber makes my brain buzz and see exciting possibilities. The release of this site comes at a challenging time for all of us, and for the fiber community, many of the events that fiber farms rely on for their livelihoods have been cancelled. I want to keep hope and do something that can help and support.

As of right now, I am a provider for the Livestock Conservancy's Shave 'Em to Save 'Em Initiative which encourages fiber artists to use rare breed fiber. This supports the farmers keeping these breeds, but also expands awareness of these unique breeds.

Our Mountains and Plains Fibershed is slowly still trying to take off and needs more public support. I am on the board to try and make progress and share awareness of the Fibershed mission. I have new ideas to add to these that are in the works.

For myself I am learning more about natural dyes and making more of the products for my home and my closet. Although I am using a local mill for spinning more yarn to be made available to the public, I am hand spinning the fiber from my own sheep... 4.5 lb of one sheep down, and another to go! However, they get sheared twice a year! Great "problem" to have.

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