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Once the Churros came to the Navajo, the sheep nor the Navajo would be the same. Nestled at the foot of the Laramie Peak Mountain Range in southeastern Wyoming a small group of Navajo-Churro sheep fit perfectly in the arid landscape.   This small farm also sat waiting and was gifted with six old ewes; Laro, Mystery, Alice, Ora, Brownie, and Rena.  A bond of love, respect and a spiritual uplift was generated. Lily’s Wrinkle visited the small herd with his grand presence and the following May babies were landing on the ground.  Wrinkled June Bug, Ida Lulu Belle, Elsie, Na-a-me, and Oriabe, to name a few.  What once was six eventually grew to a flock of twenty.  The breed is hardy, exquisitely sound, sweet, and easily adaptable to the rough climate.


Years went by and the family of sheep were sheared and pampered.  The wool fleeces were collected and stored.  As a gift to “The People” the true keepers of these magnificent creatures, the wool was taken back to the Navajo Nation in Tsaile, Arizona. The old women marveled at the beauty of the fleeces and were grateful.  Sadly, the sheep are gone but the wool lives on.  Peanuts Farm is proud to have on hand batts, roving (dark and white), and a 2 ply sports weight yarn in a natural white and gray.   


Currently, Peanuts Farm raises British White/Lowline Angus cattle.  The Wyoming 100% pure natural beef is raised on home grown grass and alfalfa. 

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